Course Detail: ANEW - SIUE ANEW Conference: Mental Wellness - A Journey through the Peaks, Plummets, and Plateaus of Life

SIUE SON continues its pioneering advancement of the nursing profession across Illinois with its receipt of a competitive four-year $2.75 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for its innovative Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) program. The multi-faceted educational effort is creatively designed to incresase the number of nurse practitioners who practice in rural and underserved communities throughout Illinois, by promoting a smooth and natural transition from teh student role to practicing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) into these areas.

Bolstering the success of the program includes academic clinical partnerships between the SIUE SON and Chestnut Health Systems, OSF HealthCare, Southern Illinois Healthcare, Interventional Pain Consultants, and the SIUE We Care Clinic.  The SIUE SON and its clinical partners have collaborated on the development of this year's regional conference for primary care providers highlighting behavioral and mental health education.

This conference, "Mental Wellness - A Journey through the Peaks, Plummets, and Plateaus of Life", was made possible through the ANEW program funding. We are excited to appreciate our preceptors and those providers serving in rural and underserved regions through this educational benefit.

Course Resources
Anxiety Disorder (PDF Document)
Anxiety Handout Relaxation (PDF Document)
Geriatric Psychiatry (PDF Document)
Marijuana is legal (PDF Document)
SIUE Nursing Harm Reduction (PDF Document)
SIUE When the Titanic (PDF Document)
Workplace Violence (PDF Document)

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