Course Detail: CHIL - Culinary Tour of the Hill

Created at the insistence of touring and culinary societies, this epicurean adventure will first provide the visitor with a complete history of the divergent culinary styles of the Lombards and Sicilians who settled in the neighborhood. Next is a stop at Oldani's Salami factory! At Oldani's Salumeria we will learn the ancient art of salami making, samples included, and witness from a distance the salami making process. A stop at the Hill's chocolate factory is next on the list before heading to the historic Missouri Baking Company, recently ranked as the 39th best bakery in America. The gastronomical highlight of the tour is a three-course feast at popular Guido's Spanish-Italian bistro, including a culinary demonstration of their famous Spanish and Italian offerings. While there, you will be provided numerous recipe handouts and a discussion of some 28 restaurants and delis in the Hill area, their signature offerings, and celebrity's favorite hangouts such as Sheryl Crow and her love for Cunetto's. All in all, a fun, fulfilling and "filling" day at a price that will not bust your budget.

Lunch is included in the tour price.

Available Sessions

Friday, April 14, 2023 (SOLD OUT! Waitlist available)
Friday, May 12, 2023 (SOLD OUT! Waitlist available)