Course Detail: NXI2 - NX11 Intermediate: Advanced Design and Assembly Management

Subjects covered include: Assembly/Disassembly Sequencing and Animation, Part and Assembly Visualization & Interrogation Methods,Swept Features, Review Sketches, Constraining Sketching, Positioning Sketches,Additional Sketching Modeling Techniques, Review of Assembly Modeling, Assembly Navigation Tool, Bottom-up, Top-down, and Design-in-Context Assembly Modeling,Sub assemblies and Reference Sets, Inter part Modeling and WAVE, Inter part Expression, Feature-based Component Arrays, Part Families, Revisions and Substitutions in Assembly Models, Assembly Constraints/Motion & Arrangement,Measurements/Clearance Analyses, and Combined Usage of NX and Excel, Industry Applications

Projects: Students will engage in various projects throughout the course.  One of key projects is to build, interrogate, and analyze the 'Intelligent' Impeller Assembly model, capturing all the design-intent & requirements.  The impeller assembly is a mechanism that is to translate water flow into axile rotation, which could then be used to drive another device.  Students will develop a model for this assembly by completing a series of 12 mini-projects.  These projects involve solid and assembly modeling with various geometric shapes of the Impeller Assembly parts such as bottom and top housings, shaft sub assembly, etc. 

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Prerequisite: NX intro or equivalent.

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