Course Detail: CAT2 - CATIA V5 Intermediate: Advanced Design and Assembly Management

Subjects covered include: Effective visualization/interrogation/modeling practices, Performance enhancement tools, Advanced sketcher techniques, Advanced multi-section solid and rib/slot operations, Advanced duplication tools (patterns, power copies), 3D part model transformation operations, Multi-model links, Managing external links, Part design tables and catalogs, Catia Boolean operations, Wireframe & curve operation, Techniques to improve assembly design and optimize the assembly process, Assembly operations (redefine,restructure), Assembly duplication (multi-instantiation, component symmetry),Assembly management (managing components, managing scenes), Skeletons, Assembly design tables, Component degrees of freedom, Designing parts in context,Assembly features, Managing external references, Best practices for Top-Down Design, Part and Assembly Analyses.


This course contains numerous hands-on part & assembly projects to give you practical experience and improve your knowledge and skill with catia model design, queries, and analyses. Such projects include aircraft fuselage & landing gear, steering wheel, turbine, compressor and multi-cylinder engine, etc.

Prerequisites: CATIA intro or equivalent 

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