Portrait Drawing

This course takes a detailed look into the interior and functional structures of the head, their forms and variations and how they affect the look of the head and face. Open up new creative and expressive possibilities to more effectively draw from life, invent, work from memory, and create strong, lifelike portraits even if the source is sub-par. Who is this course for? Those with basic or more drawing skills who are looking increase their understanding of the human head and take their skills to the next level. Topics included: The forms and variations of the skull, the structures of the eye, mouth and nose areas, facial muscles, fat pads as well as the forms and muscles of the neck and shoulders. We'll look at various strategies/methodologies for drawing, constructive drawing theory and application, simplifying structure and the use of both observed and invented tonal structures. Classes will include demonstrations, in-class practice, and weekly drawing assignments.

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Schedule: Every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, starting on 07/02/24 and ending on 07/26/24 (excluding 07/04/24)
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Times: 12:00pm-03:00pm EDT
Tuition plus Convenience Fee : $995.00


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Classes held in Eastern Standard Time
New York, NY 10011