Furniture Design Studio

Learn how to turn your initial idea into a real piece of furniture and go through all stages of the professional design process without leaving your home. Observe and experiment to find an inspiration. Create and develop your concepts. Use sketches, drawings and models to test and refine the proposal. Develop your furniture design skills, experiencing a variety of technologies. Learn how to effectively document and communicate your projects to your clients.Note: This course is the third in the Furniture Design Certificate Program and addresses similar themes and methodologies, but on a higher level of complexity. Students will be expected to supply their own materials and tools-following the instructors' supplies list, to be provided upon registration. Total estimated supplies costs: $200.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Furniture Design Foundation
(optional) Furniture Design Drawing & Composition

 Session Information

Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 10/04/21 and ending on 12/06/21
Times: 06:30pm - 09:30pm


Name Additional Resources
William Jeffrey Tolbert


Classes held in Eastern Standard Time
New York, NY 10011