Introduction to Sustainable Design: Processes and Materials

Study the basic principles of sustainable design thinking, design vocabulary, and composition. Advance through a series of exercises that test and question sustainable strategies, practicing the expression of ideas not only through spoken and written words, but also through drawing and other forms of visual communication. The course combines historically-based lectures with open discussion, project-based studio/lab time, critique of student work, and includes a basic introduction to preparing presentations and portfolios.

From concept creation to final implementation, the decisions that designers make during the design phase contribute to the majority of the environmental and social impact of a product or system. Learning to incorporate sustainable practices at concept inception is a competitive advantage and encourages smart design. Explore, map and illustrate the journey from raw or recycled material through processing, manufacturing, transportation/ distribution, use, re-use, and disposal, using examples of design across scales. Learn about tools and strategies that designers can use to reduce the impact of their designs on the environment.

This course is an introduction to sustainable design for learners with or without prior design experience.

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Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 08/26/24 and ending on 11/11/24 (excluding 09/02/24)
Times: 06:30pm-09:30pm EDT
Tuition plus Convenience Fee : $1495.00


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Daniel Penge
Katherine Choate


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