Instructor: Scott Sorenson

No image available Biography: Founding partner at SOAP (Sorenson Office and Partners); previously worked most notably with Lynch Eisinger Design, Openshop, Evan Douglas Studio and Leong Leong. Currently a Senior Researcher - Design and Digital Technologies - within the ITL (Interdisciplinary Technology Lab) as well as a member of the DFG (Digital Futures Group) within SoA; teaching within the undergraduate school of architecture as well as a parametrics design and build course within the School of Design. Previously worked in various academic positions at City College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Classes by this instructor

Simulation and Analysis have never been more accessible and integrated into an iterative contemporary workflow. This focused intensive will cover the basics of solar performance simulation and analysis moving from simplified concepts and applications to more involved analysis with mid-story prototypical development. Increase your knowledge and skills covering pre-design site and massing studies through form and facade development pertaining to solar performance.Visualization and output of solar performance will take place with both parametric tools and real-time rendering packages exploring the potentials of developed diagrams, statistics, interior, and exterior images, renders, and animation output potentials with simple workflows. No prior knowledge necessary. Only an interest or awareness of environmental analysis or environmental studies
November 13-14, 2021, Engineering Building