Instructor: Daniel Penge

No image available Biography: Daniel Penge is a Visiting Instructor for Pratt SCPS's Sustainable Design Certificate Program and serves as Materials Research Specialist at Material Bank, where he aids interior designers and architects in specifying materials for their building projects. He is a Pratt alum with a degree in Industrial Design and a focus in Sustainability. After completing a year-long fellowship, in 2020, he was granted the title of Circular Economy Pioneer from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Classes by this instructor

Learn to design and model your own piece of furniture through making and testing. Study human scale, proportion and composition. Gain a basic understanding of furniture formulation, construction and manufacturing. Working on a full-size model and prototype, experience all stages of the design process. Estimated supplies costs: $100. Instructors' supplies list available upon registration. The course is waivable upon portfolio approval: please submit portfolio to by 10 business days prior to class start date.
October 9, 2021 to December 11, 2021, Online
From concept creation to final implementation, the decisions that designers make during the design phase contribute to the majority of the environmental and social impact of a product or system. Learning to incorporate sustainable practices at concept inception is a competitive advantage and encourages smart design. Explore, map and illustrate the journey from raw or recycled material through processing, manufacturing, transportation/ distribution, use, re-use, and disposal, using examples of design across scales. Learn about tools and strategies that designers can use to reduce the impact of their designs on the environment.
October 20, 2021 to December 22, 2021, Online