Instructor: Wendy Fok

No image available Biography: PERSONAL URLhttp://we-designs.comEDUCATIONDoctor of Design, Harvard GSD, with collaborating department, Harvard Law School;Master of Architecture, Certificate of Urban Policy & Planning, Princeton University, School of Architecture;Bachelor of Arts (Architecture), Concentration in Economics (Statistics), Barnard College, Columbia UniversityBIOGRAPHYdesign x technology x creative solutionsgender pronouns: she/themFok has experience in Product Development and Program Management from Zero to Launch, Design-Build, Manufacturing, Hardware/Software, and Digital Fabrication. Proficient in 3D modelling, innovative material research, design-build, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) design, and other types of engagement that could promote a larger discussion of how consumers interact with products and delivery for architecture, real estate, retail, and innovative business development.Fellow at the Urban Design Forum (since 2018), she was featured as Autodesk Remake's Women in Reality Computing (2017), winner of the Autodesk AiR (2016), Digital Kluge Fellowship, Library of Congress (2014/15), ADC Young Guns 11 Award (2013), AIA Dallas Women in Architecture (2013), Perspective 40 under 40 (2011), and Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (2009). Fok completed her Doctor of Design at Harvard GSD, and is a Teaching fellow at the Harvard Law School. She has a MArch & Certification of Urban Policy/Planning at Princeton, and BA in Architecture (Concentration in Economics - Statistics), at Barnard College, Columbia University.As the creative director and technologist of WE-DESIGNS, the practice has been selected by Twenty+Change Emerging Canadian Design Practices (2011). Fok was individually shortlisted for 1 of 13 DX Emerging Talent Awards (2013), and won Western Living Designer of the Year - Maker Category (2016) across Canada.Fok was the co-editor of AD Journal's "Digital Property - Open Source Architecture", published by Wiley. They recently completed a book chapter "Bio-Data Matter of New York City" published by Routledge in "Data, Matter, Design - Strategies in Computational Design", edited by Frank Melendez, Nancy Diniz, Marcella Del Signore.In the business of design and architecture, Fok has auspiciously worked with and been mentored by Wolf Prix of Coop-Himmelblau, Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects, Greg Lynn of GL Form, Jesse Reiser of RUR Architecture, Hani Rashid of Asymptote, among other acclaimed designers. In the design of business and entrepreneurship, Fok had been mentored by Prof William 'Terry' Fisher of the Harvard Law School, Prof Joe Lassiter of the Harvard Business School, Bre Pettis, Diego Rodriguez of IDEO, Chaki Ng of Viacom, Natasha Jen of Pentagram, Karen Wong of New Museum, among other savvy entrepreneurs.

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Digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) and digital property require large amounts of land, resources, and data centers and infrastructures to store these "supplies". There is a larger architectural and urban infrastructural challenge and urgency on how these various kinds of digital exchanges are mediated, to limit the detrimental use of our everyday resources. This workshop is part of an ongoing exhibition at the 17th La Biennale di Venezia by Prof Wendy W Fok. Both theoretical and practical skillshare will be part of the workshop.If our everyday objects are digital and no longer physical, how does it challenge ecological questions?
November 29, 2021 to December 15, 2021, Online