Instructor: Patricia Childers

Classes by this instructor

Apply the principles learned in Intro to Graphic Design to complex, real-world problems in a professional studio atmosphere. Build and refine your portfolio with multi-platform branding projects that require research, experimentation, and design problem-solving. Fill in portfolio gaps and emerge with a refined, job-search-ready, digital portfolio that champions ideation, process, and professional presentation. Participate and get inspired in a supportive community of peers. Refine your ability to give and receive constructive feedback.
August 28, 2024 to November 13, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
Study the foundation of graphic design as a communication tool and learn the importance of graphic design as an informative and promotional presence in commerce and society.
August 28, 2024 to November 13, 2024, Online
November 19, 2024 to December 17, 2024, Pratt Manhattan