Instructor: Raymond Matts

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Classes by this instructor

Advance your skill level in this course, which is a continuation of the Technique and Language of Perfumery course, PMPF 310. Improve your olfaction skills, master fragrance classification, memorize key raw materials and their illustration in market products, and develop your perfumery culture.
July 7, 2024 to August 11, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
July 9-25, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
July 9-25, 2024, Online
Engage in an intensive exploration of the fundamental concepts related to a wide range of fragrance product types.Discover how to compose a fragrance and the industry standard rules and methodologies. Learn about olfaction (the sense of smell) and study the importance of olfactory tenacity and intensity by practicing the basics of the olfactive pyramid.
April 23-25, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
April 23-25, 2024, Online
August 13-15, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
August 13-15, 2024, Online
Experience a voyage into the world of perfumes, test your sense of smell, and review the whole fragrance process from concept to market product.
May 12, 2024 to June 30, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
May 14-30, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
May 14-30, 2024, Online