Instructor: Emmett Zirkle

No image available Biography: Emmett Zirkle is a CGI artist and instructor with a background in industrial design. While his past work includes exhibit/spatial design, home fixtures, ceramics, and jewelry, Emmett became most interested in product visualization and animation. After graduating from the UC DAAP program in Cincinnati, Ohio where they grew up, Emmett moved to Long Beach, California to start the education program at Luxion, Inc. While Emmett's focus in product design in storytelling and marketing, they use light, color, composition, and narrative to convey the emotion and importance behind a design.

Classes by this instructor

This course is for aspiring and practicing product, fashion, and environmental designers who need to render their designs/CAD models realistically. Students will learn how to use all functions and features of the KeyShot software to create compelling rendered images of their designs. This course will cover materials, textures, lighting, and photorealism in KeyShot and will help students to develop a useful 3D visualization workflow. Previous experience in KeyShot is not required.
November 9, 2021 to December 14, 2021, Online