Instructor: Jong Lim

No image available Biography: EDUCATIONB.F.A., Seoul National University; M.F.A., with Distinction, Pratt Institute.BIOGRAPHYJong Lim is an adjunct Professor in Pratt Institute's School of Design,'s Industrial Design Department, and in the School of Continuing & Professional Studies. He is a Drawing teacher and drawing coordinator at Pratt; engineering specialist, Holmes & Narver Inc.; manager of industrial design research and development; author of design patents (the U.S. and Europe) at the Conair Corporation; "Glomar Explorer" ship project; First Place Award, Orange County Engineering Council (1977 & 1978) at the Holmes & Narver Inc. Has exhibited at: STEUBEN WEST GALLERY Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY; GALLERY KOREA in New York, NY; HYUNDAI ART GALLERY Seoul, Korea; PRESIDENT'S GALLERY Pratt Institute; Erect BRONZE STATUE for the MONUMENT of EDUCATOR South of Seoul, Korea.

Classes by this instructor

Drawing is a form of visual communication. Experiment in different media including pen, pencil, markers, and pastels to develop a broad range of skills and an understanding of two- and three-point perspectives. Study composition and basic rendering techniques that help create a sense of light and atmosphere, making your drawings vibrant and dynamic. Examine geometric and amorphic forms, ideation through freehand sketching techniques, presentation techniques, and technical drawing/drafting. Students will present their drawings and build their portfolios.
October 9, 2021 to December 18, 2021, Online