Immerse yourself in our Four-Week Summer Intensives carrying continuing education credits (CEUs), whether to investigate a new career option, complete a certificate program in an accelerated format, develop your portfolio for educational or career advancement, or delve into what you love this summer. You can take advantage of renowned Pratt Institute’s academic excellence, and choose from among the courses below. Please note that several of the Summer Intensives below are part of certificate programs. All summer courses are offered online.


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Learn to design and document an exhibition from concept to installation.Special focus is on creating interpretive environmental experiences thatinclude storytelling, sustainability and environmental design. Complete andpresent an exhibition design proposal with models, photographs and drawingsof original work toward a portfolio.?This course encompasses the first three offour courses in the Exhibition Design certificate program , and is appropriatefor artists, designers, visual merchandizing designers, and anyone interestedin developing or enhancing their skillset in exhibition design - applicable tovarious scales and venues, including museums, art exhibitions, retail spaces,trade shows, kiosks, visitor centers, and showrooms. The fourth certificatecourse is Rhino Intensive, available as a Two-Week SummerIntensive course, for those interested in completing the Certificate Programthis Summer.

June 1-24, 2021, Online
August 2-26, 2021, Online
Mindful entrepreneurship is a process of economic or social value creation which goes beyond the basic act of opening a business. You will develop a Business Model Canvas, Pecha kucha pitch, and financial plan for one of the following:solopreneurnon-profitfor-profit start upsocial-entrepreneurshipB-corporationsDevelop the mechanics of launching a business, including opportunity-recognition, operations, customer validation, interviewing skills, financial tools, and forecast planning. Apply contemplative "whole-brain" approaches such as mind-mapping, visualization, meditation, and power questions to business development. Use Lean Launchpad methodology, resilience psychology, and intercultural communications to cultivate your iterative risk-taking skills and confidently pitch your business.Note: This course can serve as an introduction to the new Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate Program.

August 2-23, 2021, Online
This introductory course explores design for health and wellness to enhance the quality of life of diverse audiences. Investigate ways to assess and enhance private and public spaces while examining the relationships between the environment, physical & psychological conditions for health, behavior theories, spatial design, industry standards and best practices.

June 1-28, 2021, Online
Learn how organizations succeed by understanding the structure of brandingand the strategic perspective that a visual identity has. Through a series ofsteps, designers utilize sketch and idea processes that nurture an innercoherence to visual marks. Hone your visual language skills that can becarried throughout an identity system, developing a unique look and feel for amark that works across multiple platforms, including print collateral, websites,and broadcast media. Color, typeface and typography will be documented in astyle guide that help make a brand shine above its competitors. Completeprojects toward a professional portfolio.

This course contains no sessions
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Pre-Requisite: Completed Bachelor's Degree.This architectural fundamentals course is taught by the Graduate School ofArchitecture and Urban Design?faculty; and is geared?toward professionalsand students interested in attending graduate architecture school. Through aseries of virtual studio sessions and lectures, the course introducesstudents?to?a series of design approaches to conceptualize architecturalinvestigations using the most current techniques, including in visualization.Students typically receive one-to-one technical instruction, such as on digitalmodeling, drawing representation, and rendering. The work will culminate in a virtual design exhibition with invited Pratt facultyand documented in an individually developed portfolio?whichprepares?students to apply for graduate architecture school. Note: Completionof this course does not guarantee admission into Pratt's graduate architectureprograms. For information on admission requirements, please visit the Graduate Departmental Requirements page

July 6, 2021 to August 2, 2021, Online
Would you like to turn your creative inspirations into viable business ideas? Explore combining the creative/design thinking process with key phases of the entrepreneurial process-identification, development, launch, and scaling in this interactive workshop. Starting with a fun simulation, learn simple yet powerful innovation principles to take your ideas to the next viable level or to generate new, viable ideas. Working as a team, apply a time-tested step-by-step process to further guide and support your creative entrepreneurial journey. Walk away with an empowering, practical ideation tool set for innovation and effective entrepreneurship.Note: This workshop can serve as an introduction to the new Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate Program.

August 4-25, 2021, Online
Learn to create and document a visual merchandising design project proposal from concept to completion with models and drawings of original work toward a portfolio.?Special focus is on creating interpretive layouts for various fields, including:? art, furniture, beauty, fashion, jewelry, and food. Explore lighting design, materials, color and creative methods for providing engaging experiences. This course encompasses the first three of four courses in the Visual Merchandising Design certificate program and is appropriate for designers and anyone interested in developing or enhancing their skillset in visual merchandising design. The fourth certificate course is Rhino Intensive, available as a? Two-Week Summer Intensive course, for those interested in completing the Certificate Program this Summer.

July 6-29, 2021, Online