3D Printing is a method of making that only requires some basic computer skills and a fundamental understanding of workflows that the course will provide. This course is an excellent option for anyone who ever wanted to create a work of art, prototype an invention, customize a product or make something cool but has lacked the skills or a fully developed workshop.

November 1-11, 2021, Engineering Building
Simulation and Analysis have never been more accessible and integrated into an iterative contemporary workflow. This focused intensive will cover the basics of solar performance simulation and analysis moving from simplified concepts and applications to more involved analysis with mid-story prototypical development. Increase your knowledge and skills covering pre-design site and massing studies through form and facade development pertaining to solar performance.Visualization and output of solar performance will take place with both parametric tools and real-time rendering packages exploring the potentials of developed diagrams, statistics, interior, and exterior images, renders, and animation output potentials with simple workflows. No prior knowledge necessary. Only an interest or awareness of environmental analysis or environmental studies

November 13-14, 2021, Engineering Building
Parametric modeling, tools, and thinking have permeated design software advancements, design processes, and the realization of built form across creative practices. This intensive course will teach participants the fundamentals of parametric and rule-based modeling for design applications in Interior Design, Architecture, Product Design, and beyond. The curriculum will encourage a conceptual shift away from the authorship of individual design artifacts towards the creation and navigation of rule-based design tools and relationships. To do so, the course will investigate rule-based and parametric design concepts and techniques in the context of a generative modeling environment: Grasshopper for Rhino. Through a series of lectures, workshops, and interactive development the course will entail two physical output projects honing the skills acquired, utilizing digital design and fabrication techniques, in connection with the production facilities of 3D printing and Digital Cutting at Pratt - at no additional cost. An introduction to basic modeling techniques in Rhino and numerous examples of how to utilize Rhino/GH in the context of other design software will be included. No prior knowledge necessary.

October 5-13, 2021, Online
This course will focus on Twinmotion, a platform that combines a simple user interface with the power of the Unreal Engine. With these new tools, you can transform your CAD model into a compelling real-time experience faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. This intensive course is filled with practical tips that can help artists and designers work smarter with this powerful 3D development tool. Here, you will discover practical techniques for lighting, creating materials, and much more. Upon completion, you will be able to quickly produce high-quality images, panoramas, standard or 360 VR videos, and complete client presentations in seconds!

November 2-10, 2021, Online