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Using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, Pratt’s Sustainable Design Certificate program covers sustainable design processes, practices, and materials to address real-world challenges, while highly encouraging research and innovation. The program is based on whole systems thinking, engaging the design process with nature’s processes and designs in the context of societal systems.

Through hands-on practice combined with lectures, workshops and research, students develop creative problem-solving skills to design challenges. Integration with the sustainable design communities at Pratt provides students and alumni rich networking opportunities. Students have access to Pratt’s cutting edge sustainable design resources. 

The Certificate Program can be completed in two semesters and you can start the program in the fall, spring, or summer with the prerequisite Sustainable Design Foundation course offered every term. The Spring and Summer terms offer equivalent course offerings—the Summer offerings are accelerated as Two-Week Summer Intensives.


Aspiring and practicing...

  • Architects, landscape architects
  • Designers (industrial design, product design, interior design, fashion design, accessories design)
  • Ecology/environmental/forestry/conservation/wildlife professionals
  • Engineers
  • Educators
  • Information technology and business professionals 
  • Journalists
  • Urban, regional & land use planners
  • Anyone engaged in the design industry, design education, or related professions, seeking to enhance their knowledge and skill set in sustainable design 

    This certificate program requires the successful completion of 150 hours of study, corresponding to five core courses. 


    XCSI 318   Sustainable Design Foundation – Waivable upon portfolio approval

    XCSI 319   Sustainable Design Processes & Materials

    XCSI 320   Sustainable Design Theory & Practice

    XCSI 309   Biomimicry

    XCSI 340   BioDesign


    XCSI 318   Sustainable Design Foundation – Waivable upon portfolio approval

    XCSI 309   Biomimicry

    XCSI 340   BioDesign 


    XSI 324   Sustainable Design Foundation Intensive (equivalent to the XCSI 318 Sustainable Design Foundation Course) – Waivable upon portfolio approval

    XSI 309   Biomimicry Intensive (equivalent to XCSI 309 Biomimicry Course) 

    XSI 336   BioDesign Intensive (equivalent to the XCSI- 340 BioDesign course) 


    Deadline: 5 business days before each class starts.

    Early registration is encouraged. After the deadlines, students may still be admitted only if virtual space remains in the selected course or program.


    A laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection and camera

    All students will be given access to the required digital tools through their Pratt Onekey account (e.g. GSuites, Slack, Adobe Suite, and Zoom). Pratt will use these online platforms to connect students with their faculty and it is the student’s responsibility to check that their region/computer is capable of supporting these various platforms and tools.

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    Upcoming Courses


    Explore, research and develop bio-inspired design solutions, putting into practice biomimicry thinking, sustainable systems-based methods and designing for and with biomaterials.

    March 3, 2021 to May 5, 2021
    Generate innovative forms that perform and give back to the planet responsibly. Based on the Biomimicry Institute's 3.8 guidelines, explore all levels of the biomimicry design process. Learn sustainability principles and practices; discover nature's time-tested design strategies, functions, and patterns to apply them to designs and demonstrate the value of biomimicry-based design to stakeholders.

    February 13, 2021 to April 17, 2021, Online
    Study the basic principles of sustainable design thinking, design vocabulary, and composition. This course is an introduction to sustainable design for learners with or without prior design experience.

    January 25, 2021 to February 24, 2021, Online
    Study the basic principles and design elements of sustainable design thinking. Develop basic design skills; and build on the Bauhaus tradition of understanding design vocabulary, composition, form and materials. Based in a design studio approach, the class will move through a series of hand- and digital, 2D, 3D, and 4D exercises that test and question sustainable technology and performance. Each session combines a historically-based lecture, studio lab and critique of students' design projects; and includes a basic introduction to the presentation of ideas in different formats.

    This course contains no sessions
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