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Experience a voyage into the world of perfumes, test your sense of smell, and review the whole fragrance process from concept to market product.

March 2-18, 2021, Online
March 6, 2021 to April 10, 2021, Online
Advance your skill level in this course, which is a continuation of the Technique and Language of Perfumery course, PMPF 310. Improve your olfaction skills, master fragrance classification, memorize key raw materials and their illustration in market products, and develop your perfumery culture.

March 23, 2021 to April 8, 2021
Engage in an intensive exploration of the fundamental concepts related to a wide range of fragrance product types.Discover how to compose a fragrance and the industry standard rules and methodologies. Learn about olfaction (the sense of smell) and study the importance of olfactory tenacity and intensity by practicing the basics of the olfactive pyramid.

April 6-8, 2021, Online
The course is designed to explore the creation of a niche fragrance brand from the perspective of a business entrepreneur. Topics will include the key elements of success in niche perfumery with in-depth evaluation of top fragrance brands that are resonating in the market today with consumers.

March 11, 2021 to April 29, 2021, Online
This course will explore the unique ways that fragrance can be used as a tool to navigate life from a psychological point of view. We will explore how scent is currently being used in modern science to help reduce symptoms of depression, mental illness, autism and Alzheimer's disease.

March 11, 2021 to April 29, 2021, Online
This course will offer an intimate view of the perfumer, a creative artistthat is also a trained chemist and who has the unique ability to combinefragrance ingredients to create extraordinary, iconic fragrances.  Oftenconsidered the heroes of the fragrance world, the perfumer isa provocative and inspiring creative genius. This class will explorethe famous perfumers of history, the couture houses and present dayinnovators, and their celebrated fragrance creations. We will explore thetraining and apprenticeship each perfumer must follow to purse a careerin fine fragrance. We will have master perfumers from the major globalfragrance houses join the class for lectures and conversationswith students about their approach to fragrance development,the ingredients that inspire them, and their unique olfactive styles.

May 6, 2021 to June 24, 2021, Online

Certificate Programs

Pratt Institute's School of Continuing and Professional Studies proudly collaborates with Cinquième Sens to be the exclusive New York City provider of the Certificate Program in Advanced Perfumery.The certificate requires successful completion of 36 hours of classroom time. Each required course is 18 hours.Required courses:PMPF-310 The Technique and Language of Perfumery by Cinquième Sens and PMPF-311 Advanced PerfumeryThe certificate program provides excellent exposure to the secrets of the perfume industry and a well-rounded introduction to the various facets of fragrance creation. You? will learn the language that defines a perfumer's vocabulary and informs their palette. Awaken and cultivate a new, more refined "sense of smell." Garner knowledge that can be beneficial to an entry-level position within the perfume industry
A perfect compliment to the Advanced Perfumery Certificate, The Art & Business of Perfumery Certificate positions you to deepen your knowledge of the fragrance industry.This certificate offers an elevated, advanced study of the three key pillars of a successful fragrance business: 1-Analysis of the market, fragrance industry business best practices and fragrance entrepreneurship.2-The fragrance consumer; study of trends, preferences and purchase drivers3-The artistry of the perfumer: The unsung hero of fragrance creation, a study of the unique contributions of the perfumer.All courses are offered online.Prior experience is not necessary, but the courses in the Advanced Perfumery course are recommended. Fragrance professionals and enthusiasts welcome.Required materials for each course include an olfactorium (a kit of fragrance vials.)Register for courses at least two weeks in advance of the course to ensure adequate shipping time for the olfactoriums.