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This intensive course will be your primer for defining and marketing your jewelry business. Whether you're a jewelry designer, a bench jeweler, appraiser, gemologist, or retailer, you will develop the tools required to create a memorable, relatable, and enduring brand.

This course contains no sessions
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This course is designed for the Computer Aided Design novice. Through a series ofands-on exercises and projects, students will experience fundamental digital tools suitable for the design, modelling, rendering and production of small jewelry items.

February 9, 2021 to April 13, 2021
PMJ-485This class will focus on design strategies and how to plan and sample a collection for production. Students will work through the steps of designing and producing their own jewelry line as they build a collection in real time.

February 11, 2021 to April 15, 2021, Online
The history of jewelry and wearable ornament design is rich with multi-cultural, socio-economic, and material usage concepts. Elements of antique and historic jewelry can often be reinterpreted and have new iterations in other eras. You will examine the various factors that contribute to jewelry design today and how they relate to their historic antecedents.

This course contains no sessions
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Certificate Programs

Take your jewelry making practice to the next level with a suite of courses designed to help you acquire increased design proficiency and strategies to bring your creations to market.Register for any course individually or join the certificate program!CERTIFICATE FEE:$100, nonrefundable.CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:Four core courses plus two electives.CORE COURSESPMJ-482 Making Wearable Art: Beginner Jewelry FabricationPMJ-483 Finding Your Voice: Branding, Marketing, and Creating Your Unique Presence in the Jewelry IndustryPMJ-484 Computer Aided Design and 3-D Modeling for JewelersPMJ-485 Jewelry Design + DevelopmentELECTIVESPMJ-486: Making Wearable Art: Advanced Jewelry FabricationPMJ-487 Jewelry Design History & Current Trends