Graphic Design & UX for GIS

Learn to apply user experience to cartographic design and data visualization. Study fundamental processes of UX design to build a project intended to solve a real-world challenge. Conduct user research, find and create datasets, explore data visually with GIS and chart building tools, design an interactive presentation using wire framing and prototyping, and validate your designs through user testing and iterative refinement.Graphic design topics include design thinking, typography, composition, color theory, user research, dataset creation, Illustrator/Inkscape, wire framing, and prototyping. Potential tools for interactive projects include Carto, Esri, Mapbox.Prerequisites: XSAVI-700 and XSAVI-702. Recommended: XSAVI-810 and XSAVI 780.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Spatial Thinking, Data, & Design Foundations
(optional) Introduction to GIS

Available Sessions