Certificate Course in Human-Centered Design

Start with the belief that research and empathy bring fresh thinking to design, accelerate iteration, and improve user experience. Explore the fundamentals of user research and the various methodologies that bring users to the forefront of the design process. Quickly transform research insights into tangible prototypes in order to support rapid ideation and testing by real users. Solve problems to improve products and services. Rely on a robust testing and iteration cycle that embraces multi-faceted approaches to complex challenges. Finish with a prototype and case study with full documentation that you can use to build your portfolio. Human-Centered Design is all about using empathy to drive your designs to meaningful end-user experiences. From services to management frameworks, through both digital and physical applications, you will walk away from this course with a toolkit for rapidly developing solutions to any number of business needs. We will begin with User Research before moving on to Rapid Prototyping, Testing, and Go-to-Market Implementation, weaving lectures with practical applications for real-world value from day one. You will be paired up to develop a prototype, culminating in a final presentation to present to classmates, course instructors and industry guests. Add PMCG-800 Certificate Course in UX/UI Mobile Design and receive a 10% discount on both certificate courses.

Available Sessions