Introduction to Illustration: Image & Text

Fundamental to the illustrator's task is the ability to respond thoughtfully to a text, whether mining an assigned editorial for key concepts, boiling a complex narrative down to a single image, or even incorporating type as a design element within (or around) the illustration itself. This class explores that process, from analyzing articles for compelling imagery, to researching concepts and brainstorming preliminary sketches. Along the way, lectures on historical and contemporary illustrators will show you how these processes are applied in different contexts, primarily within the field of editorial illustration. Exercises will stretch your conceptual thinking, as you tackle prompts related to both fiction and nonfiction writings, and try your hand at a range of disciplines including cover design, editorial cartooning, and creating header and spot illustrations. Homework assignments will push you to execute those ideas in an effective and cohesive way, while building skills in traditional black and white and color media, including ink materials and gouache and watercolor paints. Group critiques will simulate the professional experience of working with an art director, pitching and discussing ideas to deliver the best visual solution for each project.LEARNING OUTCOMES OR OBJECTIVES:- An understanding of the principal concerns of editorial illustration and the different disciplines within the field- Problem solving and analytical skills in interpreting a supplied text, as well as brainstorming and generating concepts- An ability to produce clear, communicative concept and composition sketches, and to effectively and concisely "pitch" those ideas in writing- Increased vocabulary of editorial illustration industry terms, regarding to professional practice and deliverables- In addition to heightened technical ability related to drawing and painting media, greater knowledge of professional practices related to invoicing clients and building a client base

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