ELL Portfolio Certificate Course

This certificate can be taken on its own, or to satisfy Pratt's TOEFL requirements for English Language Learners (ELL). This Certificate Course includes Oral Communication, Written Communication, and a portfolio assessment. 

Oral Communication
Enhance your skills at using and understanding spoken English particularly as it relates to art, design, and architecture. Discuss both art/design and academic topics in English; learn how to make a presentation for work, or school; comprehend a variety of lectures and professional talks; and analyze and discuss talks in peer-reviews. The course emphasizes grammar accuracy. 

Written Communication 
Develop research skills and expand your ability to describe, analyze, and critique your own and others' work while immersed in varied and comprehensive research and critique settings related to art and design. Understand how studio-based communication differs from academic discourse. Learn basic research methods to better perform at an undergraduate or graduate college level. Focus on grammar accuracy as well as the ability to self-edit and revise. Research methodology and APA citation as well as bibliography will be covered. 

Available Sessions