Parametric Design Foundations

Parametric modeling, tools, and thinking have permeated design software advancements, design processes, and the realization of built form across creative practices. This intensive course will teach participants the fundamentals of parametric and rule-based modeling for design applications in Interior Design, Architecture, Product Design, and beyond. The curriculum will encourage a conceptual shift away from the authorship of individual design artifacts towards the creation and navigation of rule-based design tools and relationships. To do so, the course will investigate rule-based and parametric design concepts and techniques in the context of a generative modeling environment: Grasshopper for Rhino. Through a series of lectures, workshops, and interactive development the course will entail two physical output projects honing the skills acquired, utilizing digital design and fabrication techniques, in connection with the production facilities of 3D printing and Digital Cutting at Pratt - at no additional cost. An introduction to basic modeling techniques in Rhino and numerous examples of how to utilize Rhino/GH in the context of other design software will be included.Note: Little to no prior technical knowledge needed.

Available Sessions