The Psychology of Scent

This course will explore the unique ways that fragrance can be used as a tool to navigate life from a psychological point of view. We will explore how fragrance helps all of us navigate the difficulties that life presents, as an emotional connector to happiness finding joy, mastering sadness and hardships through scientific research of fragrance ingredients. The course will include lecturers who are experts in scent psychology, sociology, fragrance research and clinical mental health issues. We will explore how scent is currently being used in modern science to help reduce symptoms of depression, mental illness, autism and Alzheimer's disease. We will explore the ancient uses of fragrance ingredients to bring peace of mind, spiritual connection and communion with nature. We will discuss how olfaction, the sense of smell, connects directly with the Pineal gland in the brain, how fragrance bypasses cognition and goes right to emotional centers. We will discuss the concept of "Olfactive Memory" and how powerful scent memories can last a lifetime with vivid connections of loved ones, places we adore and iconic events of our lives.

Available Sessions