The Technique and Language of Perfumery

Experience a voyage into the world of perfumes, test your sense of smell, and review the whole fragrance process from concept to market product. Smell the key raw materials, understand the fragrance structure, and memorize the various olfaction families. Explore the sense of smell-physiology of olfaction; olfaction and emotions; the world of perfumery, from the perfumer's formula to manufacturing and distribution; the perfumer's palette: natural raw materials, molecules, specialties, and reconstitutions; the fragrance composition-profile, structure, perfume families, and technical and regulatory aspects; the language of perfumery-analytical and emotional; and the key role of words and spoken expression. This course is intended for marketing professionals in perfumery brands, fragrance houses, or perfumery distribution, and fragrance enthusiasts. Take this course first, it is a prerequisite to the Advanced Perfumery course and a mandatory part of the Advanced Perfumery Certificate. You also must purchase an Olfactorium kit. You must register 4 weeks in advance for the Olfactorium to be shipped in time from Paris. To purchase an Olfactorium check the box under "Subsessions" before you click on "Add attendees" the button that enables you to create your profile and complete your transaction.

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