BioDesign Intensive

As fields are merging in search of more sustainable and resilient solutions, biodesign is emerging at this transdisciplinary intersection of biology, technology and design. In this hands-on studio course, explore, research and develop bio-inspired design solutions, putting into practice biomimicry thinking, sustainable systems-based methods and designing for and with biomaterials. Create and present your project with outcomes that include designing systems for human services and interventions, developing new biofabrication processes for materials and/or products, and advancing innovations in circular economies. Final projects will be reviewed by a panel of experts and enable students to build their portfolio. Notes: Prerequisite: XCSI-318 Sustainable Design Foundation or XSI-324 Sustainable Design Foundation Intensive-waivable upon portfolio or resume review. This course can be taken individually upon completion of the above prerequisite course; or it can serve as one of the five core required courses in the Sustainable Design certificate program. In the Spring there is an equivalent course called "BioDesign."

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Sustainable Design Foundation Intensive

Available Sessions