Biomimicry Intensive

Generate innovative ideas and forms that perform and give back to the planet and its inhabitants responsibly in space. Based on the Biomimicry Institute's 3.8 guidelines, explore all three levels of the biomimicry design process. Learn sustainability principles and practices such as life cycle assessment; discover nature's time-tested design strategies, functions, and patterns to apply them to human-made designs. Using a holistic approach, learn to integrate biomimicry into your creative process and demonstrate its value to stakeholders. Notes: Prerequisite: XCSI-318 Sustainable Design Foundation or XSI-324 Sustainable Design Foundation Intensive--waivable upon portfolio or resume review. This course can be taken individually upon completion of the above prerequisite course; or it can serve as one of the five core required courses in the Sustainable Design certificate program. In the Spring there is an equivalent course called "Biomimicry."

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Sustainable Design Foundation Intensive

Available Sessions