PreCollege Portfolio Development: Discover

Discover your personal voice and craft an artist statement in this studio class. A strong personal perspective is vital when developing a body of work. Students will research topics of personal interest and create imaginative portfolio pieces that demonstrate their personal perspectives and views. 

Course Goals: 
  • Develop 2 portfolio ready pieces
  • Write a compelling artist statement
  • Build a creative and supportive learning community 
  • Develop relevant vocabulary and terminology
  • Combine imagined and observed elements to create a new image
Learning Objectives: 
  • Complete individual research
  • Explore a variety of art mediums
  • Incorporate research into artwork
Session Details:  
  • PreCollege courses support high school artists, designers, and creative thinkers and are not open to other audiences
  • This course is a non-credit class offering a pass/fail grade

Available Sessions