BioDesign and Biomimicry

BioDesign: As fields are merging in search of more sustainable and resilient solutions, biodesign is emerging at this transdisciplinary intersection of biology, technology and design. In this hands-on online studio course, explore, research and develop bio-inspired design solutions, putting into practice biomimicry thinking, sustainable systems-based methods and designing for and with biomaterials. Create and present your project with outcomes that include designing systems for human services and interventions, developing new biofabrication processes for materials and/or products, and advancing innovations in circular economies.

Biomimicry: Generate innovative ideas and forms that perform and give back to the planet and its inhabitants responsibly in space. Based on the Biomimicry Institute's 3.8 guidelines, explore all three levels of the biomimicry design process. Learn sustainability principles and practices such as life cycle assessment; discover nature's time-tested design strategies, functions, and patterns to apply them to human-made designs. Using a holistic approach, learn to integrate biomimicry into your creative process and demonstrate its value to stakeholders.

Final projects will be reviewed by a panel of experts and enable students to build their portfolio.

Available Sessions