Finding Your Photographic Style

How can we express ourselves in a photograph and foster our own personal vision? What tools do photographers have at their disposal to portray their subjects with their own individual mark? Dissect what style is in photography, exploring how photographers define their own style through choices about how to use color, light, tonality, form, framing and vantage point in order to make images that are more personal. Through regular shooting assignments, lectures, and critiques, you will develop a greater consistency in how you see and express yourself through photography, allowing your own individual interests, curiosities, and values to come together in your work.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of color theory, how color is used in a photography and the strategies for organizing color.
  • Dissect the attributes of style in photography and as a result make photographs that express your values and beliefs.
  • Refine the way you observe, read and take images. Your photographs will become more specific and personal as a result.
  •  Expand your understanding of the history of photography, and apply historical approaches to solving expressive problems via photography.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) The Photographer's Eye

Available Sessions