Furniture Design Studio

Learn how to turn your initial idea into a real piece of furniture and go through all of the stages of the professional design process without leaving your home. Observe and experiment to find inspiration. Create and develop your concepts. Use sketches, drawings and models to test and refine a proposal. Portfolio build to effectively document and communicate your projects to future clients. 

You'll continue to build upon your project(s) from Introduction to Furniture Design. Work with similar themes and methodologies but on a higher level of complexity to refine your design(s) and prototype(s). Note: Supply costs start at approximately $200 for tools and materials and are not included. You will determine your costs, depending on which materials and vendors you select to work with to prototype your designs. You will be furnished with lists of materials and vendors to choose from.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Furniture Design

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Introduction to Furniture Design

Available Sessions