Introduction to Revit

Start using the fundamental commands in Revit right away. Through a project-based approach, you'll utilize and integrate what you learn. You'll be taught the basics of how to control graphics and document your project so you can show your designs professionally and confidently. Revit is the AEC industry's most popular parametric building modeler. With it, you can create not just 3D digital models of buildings, but also databases of the information required to construct them.

Important Requirements:
  1. Students must have Revit 2022 downloaded prior to class and not any newer version. All Students have free access to AutoDesk. Students will sign up with their Pratt email accounts. Once they sign up they can choose which version of Revit to install. Download Revit.
  2. Students will need access to PC (rather than a MAC) that meets all the requirements of Revit (RAM, VIDEO CARD)
Prerequisites: Before enrolling in this course, students must take Introduction to Architectural and Mechanical Drafting, Spatial Design, Furniture Design Foundation, or, have a working knowledge of basic design/ drafting procedures and terminology.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Architectural and Mechanical Drafting

Available Sessions