Graphic Design II

Graphic design is a powerful form of visual problem solving across multiple mediums, bringing together creativity, strategy, aesthetics, functionality, and logic to communicate a concept fully. Design embodies, conveys, and crafts the meaning of branding, packaging, publishing, apps, websites, advertising, and time-based media. Communication design can be commercial, political, social, service-driven, and more. Designers must be critical thinkers, makers, and problem solvers to thrive as design professionals in a rapidly evolving world.Build on the graphic design principles learned in Intro to Graphic Design and apply them to complex real-world problems in a professional studio atmosphere. Build and refine your portfolio with projects that require research, experimentation, conceptual thinking, and problem-solving. Fill in portfolio gaps with the goal of emerging with a refined, job-search-ready, digital portfolio that champions ideation, process, and professional presentation.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Intro to Graphic Design

Available Sessions