Certificate: Sustainable Design

Using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, Pratt's Sustainable Design Certificate program covers sustainable design processes, practices, and materials to address real-world challenges, while highly encouraging research and innovation. The program is based on whole systems thinking, engaging the design process with nature's processes and designs in the context of societal systems. There are five required certificate courses. The courses that include the term "Intensive" in their titles are equivalent to the courses with similar subject titles and are offered in an accelerated format in the Summer only.


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Biomimicry Mandatory 0
Sustainable Design Foundation Mandatory 0
BioDesign Mandatory 0
Sustainable Design Foundation Intensive Mandatory 0
Biomimicry Intensive Mandatory 0
BioDesign Intensive Mandatory 0
Sustainable Processes and Materials Mandatory 0
Sustainable Design Theory and Practice Mandatory 0

Electives Required: 0