Course Detail: TPRP - Treatment Protocols and Rehabilitation in a Post-COVID World

2020 brought the COVID-19 pandemic to the world.  These changes have affected the patient's physical and mental health.  New or worsening back, neck, leg, and shoulder pain and weakness has increased among the population.  Dr. Mario Fucinari will guide you through the proper methods to examine, detect, and treat the patient through appropriate consultation, examination, rehabilitation, and case management. HANDS-ON examination and low-tech rehabilitation will also be taught.

  • Learn consultation and examination techniques to reveal functional loss
  • Gain knowledge through the assessment of gait, muscle imbalance,  and movement disorders
  • Possess the ability to diagnose the cause of kinetic chain disorders
  • Learn hands-on rehabilitation methods in "Motor Reprogramming" from the ground up
  • Possess the ability to properly diagnose and formulate case management protocols
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Schedule: Cincinnati, OH, 12 CE Hours, Sept. 11-12, 2021 EST
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Mario Fucinari