GMP10 - Enzyme and Sports Nutrition Specialist

The Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness Specialist Certification provides answers on how enzymes help the body absorb essential nutrients. When you complete this program, you will have in-depth knowledge of enzyme nutrition.

As an Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, you will be able to apply the innovative solutions to your health and share your new expertise with a wide range of clients to help them achieve their health goals and create powerful, lasting change.

The easy-to-follow information in the program solidifies vital concepts in enzyme nutrition and helps you master and implement strategies to create and promote public awareness and help individuals make positive nutrition and wellness changes.

8 Program Promotion Strategies
1. Deliver seminars and presentations at conferences and/or local businesses.
2. Launch an "Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness" coaching business.
3. Create "Enzyme Nutrition Well-Being Initiatives."
4. Manage "Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness for Project Meetings."
5. Conduct "Event-Specific Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness Trainings."
6. Lead "Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness programs."
7. Direct an "Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness 30-Day Challenge."
8. Offer an "Enzyme Nutrition and Wellness Contest.
? Bonus: Plus you'll be able to easily explain the benefits of enzymes with our shareable handouts. An opportunity to access an enormous new niche.

?Established Methods. Employ your expanded skills and merge performance assessment results with innovative instruction and training protocols.
?Seamless Integration. Easily apply the enzyme nutrition approaches to your current training system.
?Train Athletes. Apply your broadened knowledge with Middle School, High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes.
?Career Advancement. Further develop and grow your career. Work with all individuals at any performance level, in any sport, one-on-one, in a small group setting or with the whole team.
?Stand Out. Use the"Enzyme Nutrition Education Methods" with your coaching programs to retain more clients.
?Earn More. Specialized work often pays more.

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Course Resources
GMP Fitness FAQ (PDF Document)

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Schedule: 25 CE Hours. Course is available for CE hours when completed on or before 12/31/22.
Tuition : $449.00
Chiropractor Approval Numbers ND approved
IA approved
SD approved
MN 2021 75033
MN 2022 76051

Instructors (listed in order of appearance)

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Gina Piazza