GMP09 - Core Fit Strength and Mobility Specialist

The Core Fit Strength and Mobility Specialist Certification provides a playbook of exercises to create comprehensive core programs that boost explosiveness, strength and endurance. 

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe how to transform any core exercise to match ability. 
  • Explain core methods for the lower and upper back to improve posture. 
  • Review when to add functional movements through several planes. 
  • Examine training sequences to develop the power center. 
  • Examine structured routines for a number of key muscle areas. 
  • Apply your knowledge to improve reactive core action. 
  • Demonstrate core exercises using the balance dome trainers, kettlebell, weighted balls, resistance bands, free weights and stability balls and other low tech tools. 
  • Demonstrate core restorative flexibility movements. 
  • Design a full core workout that improves strength and mobility.

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Course Resources
GMP Fitness FAQ (PDF Document)

 Session Detail O2201.GMP09.1

Schedule: 25 CE Hours. Online classes are available for 365 days from date of purchase. CE credit (if applicable) is earned in the calendar year the course is completed.
Tuition : $399.00
Chiropractor Approval Numbers ND approved
IA approved
SD approved
MN 2021 75032
MN 2022 76048

Instructors (listed in order of appearance)

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Gina Piazza