OCCHEALTH13 - Protecting Yourself and Workers: Understanding Hazardous Materials Common to Workplaces/Occupations

Businesses in the U.S. use and store commonly used hazardous substances including acids, pesticides, glues, metals, paint, adhesives, disinfects and more. Learn how to help companies you work with protect employees from incurring illness or injury through communication, education, and by reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. In addition, learn about hazardous materials that your own staff might be exposed to. Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to: 
  • Define hazardous chemicals/materials/agents/substances. 
  • List various laws that define hazardous chemicals/materials. 
  • Discuss enforcement strategies to protect workers and the public from exposure to hazardous chemicals/materials. 
  • Advise clients who need hazardous chemical/materials management services.

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Schedule: 3 hours. Online classes are available for 365 days from date of purchase. CE credit (if applicable) is earned in the calendar year the course is completed. Online Anytime.
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David Gilkey