Instructor: Brad L. Hochstein

Brad L. Hochstein

I am a chiropractic physician, Active Release Techniques (ART) certified provider, and Lead Instructor for Active Release Techniques. ART is the Gold Standard in soft tissue care for acute as well as overuse/repetitive stress ailments. As an Elite Provider Network (EPN) physician for ART, I contract and work with employees on-site and in office to help prevent worker's compensation recordables which greatly reduces the cost to industries. Active Release Techniques Corporate Solutions can be found all over the globe servicing industries from Walmart, Nestle/Purina, Exmark/Toro, and countless other companies large and small. The savings to employers has shown to greatly reduce the cost of work time lost and worksite recordable injuries.

My private clinic is like no other clinic in the Lincoln area. We do not follow a "cookie cutter" approach. Unlike many other chiropractors, we spend more time with hands on patient care implementing soft tissue treatments, chiropractic care, as well as active rehabilitative exercises to assist the patient in recovering quicker and more long term. Our clinic has a fully furnished gym space where our personal trainers and wellness specialists work hands on with patients on everything from rehabilitation exercises to cardio and strength fitness.

We also work closely with several local physical therapists, medical physicians, and orthopedists to be sure our patients are getting the most comprehensive care possible.

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