Instructor: Kristi Morlan-Hughes

Kristi Morlan-Hughes

Kristi Morlan-Hughes, ND, IFMCP, FMCHC has dedicated her professional path to the study and practice of root-cause medicine. After graduating from the National College of Natural Medicine, she launched her private practice in 1997 in Alexandria, MN. She attended her first training with the Institute for Functional Medicine in 1999, becoming certified in 2015, which further reinforced her skills and appreciation for applying root-cause medicine.


Dr. Kristi's private practice, DocereVita, offers personalized Naturopathic and Functional Medicine health care consultations, telemedicine, and lifestyle coaching in the west Minneapolis area. Kristi provides patient and practitioner Self-care and Professional Development Workshops and online learning experiences in her Shaking Your Tree Experience program. Her DocereVita Nutraceutical line is also available to practitioners, patients, and the public online and through the DocereVita Natural Medicine Dispensary.


Dr.Hughes served as a Director of Medical Education at IFM for a decade, where she was responsible for the development of medical education, nutrition-oriented, and clinical tools to support patient education. She supported the Collaboration partners working with IFM, cultivated practice implementation assets, and participated as an educator and facilitator both domestically and internationally. As a foundational developer, original Advisory Board Member, and2021 FMCA graduate, Dr. Kristi remains engaged in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy to this day.


Dr. Hughes first took the stage teaching in 1999 with NutriDyn, finding her passion for practitioner education. Over the past twenty years, her consulting business and participation in medical education events have taken her around the world where she is recognized for her skills in teaching the art and science of medicine. She currently serves as the Chief Medical Education Officer for NutriDyn and participates on the Science Advisory Board.

Classes by this instructor

Join us for a weekend of engaging presentations! The symposium offers 20 CE hours and includes 1 professional boundaries hour, 2 nutrition hours, and 3 X-ray hours.
20 CE Hours, incl. 1 PB, 3 X-ray, 2 WI Nutrition, On campus, June 21-23, 2024, Fri, 1pm-6:40pm, Sat, 9am-6pm, Sun, 8am-1:40pm., Auditorium