Instructor: Amr Moselhy

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Dr. Amr Moselhy isthe chief medical officer at National Functional Evaluations. He graduated fromCairo University Medical School with magna cum laude, and enjoys using hisskills to contribute to health care technology and advancements. While inschool, Dr. Moselhy earned the dean's award for exemplary academic performanceand leadership skills.

He took anentry-level position at National Functional Evaluation in 2013 and was promotedseveral times to his current position on the board of directors. In April of2020, Dr. Moselhy won the award for top 100 Healthcare leaders in healthcareadvancements. He is obsessed with all things tech-related and spends his freetime building computers and learning about new technology. "

Classes by this instructor

FCPA Virtual Seminar: Topics included Medical Errors, Compliance of Federal and State Laws, Ethics, etc.
Love Webinar, 27 CE Hours, Aug. 27-29, 2021