Instructor: Andrew Rostenberg

Andrew Rostenberg
Biography: Andrew Rostenberg, DC, DIBAK is a chiropractor, kinesiologist, functional medicine expert, methylation researcher, and director of Red Mountain Natural Medicine in Boise, ID.  He is the founder of Beyond MTHFR©, a leading voice in the emerging field of functional medicine and genetics, raising awareness of how genetic variation impacts our health.  

In addition to running a busy practice, Dr. Rostenberg has developed cutting-edge protocols using methylation pathways designed to optimize biochemistry, detoxification, digestion, brain function and more.  

Due to the popularity of his Beyond MTHFR©  YouTubeTM channel and website, he has attracted patients from all over the world who seek to optimize their genes and change their lives.  

He has clinical experience treating patients of all ages and walks of life, ranging from elite athletes and children to those suffering from complex digestive, autoimmune and neurological diseases.

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