Instructor: David Gilkey

David Gilkey

Dr. David Gilkey earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degreefrom Southern California Health Sciences University and Ph.D. from CSU with afocus in occupational health, safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics. He is a"Certified Professional Ergonomist" (CPE). 

Dr.Gilkey has authored and/or coauthored 24 articles in peer reviewed scientificjournals, 60 articles in trade journals, and provided four book chaptercontributions in the areas of ergonomics, occupational safety, andenvironmental health. His research has focused in construction safety andagriculture. 

Mostrecently, he's been collaborating on projects related to safety climate andculture in construction with an emphasis on evaluating differences betweenLatino and Non-Latinos workers. He has also been involved in translationalresearch (R2P) looking at methods to evaluate and enhance safe work practicesin agriculture.

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