Instructor: Patricia Casello-Maddox

Patricia Casello-Maddox

Dr. Pat Casello-Maddox is a chiropractor, licensed acupuncturist, educator, writer, and consultant. She has worked with patients in various clinical environments including hospitals, transitional centers, community centers, and private practice for over 25 years. As a higher education peer reviewer, she has participated in more than 40 accreditation site visits over the last ten years, visiting schools and clinics around the country prior to and during the pandemic.

Currently Dr. Casello-Maddox is working with women, providers, and health-related organizations. Her mission is to help providers and women engage in better patient experience in self-care and hybrid healthcare (e.g., in-clinic visits, telemedicine, and telehealth), including the cultivation of mindfulness and a positivity mindset. She provides online webinars and courses, digital products, newsletters, and other resources. She can be reached at

Classes by this instructor

This course covers current information from the sleep industry, acupuncture and other alternative health options to treat insomnia and other common sleep disorders. Normal and abnormal sleep patterns are reviewed. Contemporary biomedical treatment and acupuncture/herbal treatments are covered specifically for insomnia.
2 CE hours. Online classes are available for 365 days from date of purchase. CE credit (if applicable) is earned in the calendar year the course is completed.