Instructor: Dan Prince

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Doctor Dan Prince served in the United States Air Force until a shoulder injury jeopardized a promising career. He turned to chiropractic care and experienced amazing results. Following this experience he immediately decided on a new career path to help others. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California and was awarded a select post-graduate internship position in Albuquerque, NM prior to graduation.

After six years, Doctor Prince and his wife decided to return to her home state of Oklahoma and raise a family. They have twin girls Kate and Lauren and a son named Jack.

Doctor Prince now maintains his private practice in Edmond, Oklahoma and serves as the official chiropractor to the Men's and Women's U.S.A. Sitting Volleyball teams. In addition, he serves as one of the C.E.A.'s instructors and specializes in our Advanced Principles of Lower Extremity Adjusting and Introduction to Foot, Gait, & Orthotics seminars.

Classes by this instructor

Learn a whole new approach to diagnosing shoulder, arm and hand subluxations, entrapments and thoracic outlet syndromes.
On Campus, 15 CE Hours, December 11-12, 2021, Room 26
Posture, both static and kinetic, is discussed and demonstrated. Primary and secondary shock absorbers of gait are related to their major muscle and nerve root. Neutral position of the foot is defined and demonstrated when it is pathomechanical and truly neutral
On Campus 15 CE Hours February 12-13, 2022, Room 26