Instructor: Jared Greenberg

Jared Greenberg

Jared S. Greenberg, MD is a board-certified,fellowship-trained physiatrist specializing in Regenerative medicine, Spinemedicine, and non-surgical Orthopedics. As a physiatrist, he works with hispatients to accurately diagnose and effectively treat the source of their pain.This is often accomplished with conservative treatment measures such asphysical therapy and injection therapy (using fluoroscopic X-ray or ultrasoundguidance for added precision) to improve mechanics, stimulate healing of thetissues and decrease chronic inflammation.  Dr. Greenberg listens closelyto each patient and empowers them to become active participants in their carefor the best possible treatment outcome.  He is the only physiatrist inthe group who performs orthobiologic procedures such as Lipogems and plateletrich plasma (PRP). Other procedures include epidural, facet joint, SI joint,and peripheral joint / bursa injections, select nerve root and medial branchblocks, rhizotomies / radiofrequency ablations, and spinal cord stimulatortrials.


Dr. Greenberg attended the University of Pennsylvania inPhiladelphia for medical school. After medical school, he began an OrthopedicSurgery residency at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. During hissurgical training, Dr. Greenberg realized that he was more interested innon-operative treatments of musculoskeletal conditions and returned to UPenn tocomplete a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation where he served asChief Resident. Dr. Greenberg then pursued additional subspecialty training asan Interventional Spine Fellow/Clinical Lecturer in the PM&R Spine Programat the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor.


Dr. Greenberg has been recognized as a leader in hisfield.  He spent his first ten years in practice building a successfulspine program at Meriter Hospital in Madison, and was voted as one of"Madison's Top Docs." In addition to the communities he serves, Dr. Greenberghas also treated professional, college, and Olympic athletes. Furthermore, hewas selected to serve as a board examiner by the American Board of PhysicalMedicine and Rehabilitation.


When not at the office, Dr. Greenberg enjoys spending qualitytime with his wife and three children. He is also an accomplished pianist andsongwriter, having released two albums that can be found on Spotify and AppleMusic (with more music yet to come).

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