Instructor: Gina Piazza

Gina Piazza

Gina Piazza is the CEO and founder of GMP Fitness, a nationally recognized educational leader for over 30 years in the sports, health and fitness industry. She is an advocate and pioneer in the development of programs and products in her field and has always been ahead of the curve. 

GMP Fitness has provided continuing education and certification to over 50,000+ certified personal fitness trainers, chiropractors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists and other health professionals worldwide and her performance training consulting company programs caters to fortune 100 executives, businesses, trainers and athletes ranging from the weekend warrior to the amateur to the professional competitor and teen athletes, young children and the special care needs population. 

As an author and producer of over 100 books, videos, learning tutorials and innovative educational and reward and recognition products, Gina has led her company to prominence in the health, sports and fitness industry. 

She has appeared on the Golf Channel and Fox News and has also been featured, published and an adviser in over 35 trade publications including Chiropractic Products, DC Products Review, Today's Chiropractic, Fitness Management, Health, Club Solutions, Meeting and Conventions, Idea Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness Professional, Golf for Women, Golf Digest, Senior Golfer, PGA and Golf magazine and more.

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