Instructor: Georgia Nab

Georgia Nab
Biography: Dr. Nab presents on current topics in health care including nutrition and genetics, allowing health care practitioners to put their new knowledge into practice right away. She adds a number of real life case studies into her talks to show the relevancy to current practitioners. Dr. Nab also integrates workshops into her talks, allowing doctors to practice on each other, aiding in understanding the material. By blending current research in with clinical wisdom, Dr. Nab is an engaging and respected speaker.Dr. Nab currently owns Authentic Life, a clinic that focuses on functional medicine, genetics, nutrition and chiropractic for its patients. Dr. Nab also writes and speaks on health topics around functional medicine, nutrition, chiropractic and lifestyle. She is the author of "One Degree of Change."

Classes by this instructor

2021 Summer License Renewal Seminar
This in-person seminar offers you 20 CE hours and includes 3 hours of X-ray and 1 hour of professional boundaries. All in one weekend.
On Campus, 20 CE Hours (including 3 X-Ray, 1 PB) June 25-27, 2021, Auditorium