CCSPHO4 - Chiropractic Sports Injuries (CCSP) Hands-on - Emergency Procedures & Taping for the Sports Chiropractor

Join us for an informative 15-hour session that will cover emergency procedure and taping needs for a sports chiropractor.  The main focus will be managing athletes in acute injuries on the sideline as well as taping of the upper extremity, lower extremity and the spine. Here is an overview of the course.  Your tuition includes a taping kit.


Hour 1: Introduction to the course. Review the history of sideline care and providers (trainer/ATC, DC, PT). Sideline clinician vs. office clinician.  Responsibilities to the player, team, coach, parent.  Who are you responsible for?  Care team styles (sole provider, chief medical officer, team member).  Review and understand the initial assessment, approach to athletes, assessment and care decision.

Hour 2-3:  Concussion. Lecture: Sideline monitoring; ImPact.  Hands on: Modified SCAT 5 & King Devick.

Hour 4: Fascial injuries. Lecture and Demo of application of supplies.


Hour 5: Spine Boarding. Lecture and prep, Hands on Practical.

Hour 6: Lectures Upper/Lower Extremity.   Hands on: Splinting and Blood Management

Hour 7: Lecture Mass Casualty, Weather, Shooter, and Vehicle Accident. 

Hour 8: Introduction to Taping

Hour 9: Taping of finger, hand, wrist

Hour 10: Taping of Shoulder, Hip, Knee

Hour 11: Taping of Foot, Ankle, low back


Hour 12: Kinesiology Taping: Upper Extremity

Hour 13: Kinesiology Taping: Lower Extremity

Hour 14: Dynamic Taping: Upper Extremity

Hour 15: Dynamic Taping Lower Extremity

Complete this course along with our 75-hour Online CCSP program, and the Extremity Adjusting and Therapeutic Muscle Stretching course to qualify to apply for the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) exam offered by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (ACBSP). Visit for more information about certification.

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